Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2 More Poses

Here are 2 more poses, demonstrating the flexability available using armatures.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Assembled Armatures

This picture shows a completed armatures in an action pose. Granted the wood is bulkier but this particular one is for a character whose proportions are a little robust. I used similar armature for a Kong short and found it works very well. This one as you can see is fitted with tie downs. In my next blog I have included 2 more poses.Posted by Picasa

Building Wood Armatures

For all you newbies out there who want a taste of ball and socket armature but can't afford a metal one. This wood armature uses dowels and beads you can find in any craft/ hobby store. The beads are attached to the dowels with carpenter's glue. Masonite plates are strengthened with several coats of carpenter's glue. These pieces are then strengthened with urathane -with many coats applied. This armature obviously is not as long lasting as metal type but will last for a 5-10 min. film. Tightening is required and individual parts easily replaced. If you have power tools materials will cost a wopping $ 5.00 Canadian!! Posted by Picasa